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Traci Nicholson, a Bra Fitting specialist for Essential Bodywear since 2015. Offering complimentary bra fittings to women.

I offer a service that is hard to find now days. Did you know that 85% of all women are in the wrong bra size? Wearing EBW products helps preserve a woman’s health and self esteem. You can look 10-15 pounds slimmer just by wearing our products.

I’ve been a cosmetologist since 1985, and owned my own salon since 1989.
I was looking for something to supplement my income when I came across EBW, something that I can do after I can no longer be on my feet all day, even after retirement age. I plan to continue this much needed and fulfilling job.

Having a job that helps women look and feel better about their appearance is very fulfilling and rewarding. EBW is another way of doing the same thing. Watching a woman put on our products and seeing how great they look and how much better it feels when they have great support, was my draw to this company. The smiles are my reward!! I sell a NEED product, not a WANT. We wear one every day.

Since I started with EBW, I have stepped a little further out of my comfort zone and feel like I’m growing as a person. Making new friendships along the way, that I never would have made before.

It doesn’t feel like work!!! Girls night out A couple times a week, or once or twice a month, it’s your choice and imagine Offering private fittings at your convenience and Making money doing it.

Free trips and going to conference’s and getting to know other bra fitters and learning and sharing from each other. Women supporting women! I love my boob job!

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You can be your own boss and genuinely
make a difference in women’s lives.


The Opportunity

With Essential Bodywear, you’ll be getting in on the ground floor of an innovative company. You can be your own boss and genuinely make a difference in women’s lives. When you are the newest representative, you can enjoy amazing products, a fun work mentality, and the best financial opportunity. You’ll grow personally, professionally, and of course monetarily. There are even amazing travel opportunities. Truly, joining this business is the opportunity of a lifetime. You won’t regret it.

Plus, when you become an independent Essential Bodywear representative, you can enjoy extraordinary perks as well. You’ll live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of with EBW! How does this work? Perky Points is a reward program for EBW Independent Reps. Our representatives can use these Perky Points towards specific products. It’s a fabulous way to earn products to grow your business. We also host our annual conference as an uplifting perk. Our reps can earn a little extra money on the side or a six-figure income. You get to choose! You can generate up to 37% commission each month on sales. Give me a call to get started today!


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Hello! I’m Traci Nicholson, and I would love to help you not only feel better about yourself but share these products with others! As any woman can tell you having the right support in a bra is crucial. Here, we offer the best products for every style, shape, and size. As an independent representative for Essential Bodywear™, I am proud to offer these fantastic products that we rely on every day. You too can join this fantastic business and promote products that help women feel and look their best. You can turn uplifting products into a dream career.
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